Cinderella Project

The Cinderella project was created to provide a very deserving young lady at Simeon an opportunity to attend the Senior Prom with a “Cinderella Experience”. We take on the role of fairy God parents and provide every essential that is needed for her special day. Our young lady receives special treatment from the moment that she is chosen. She’ll have the opportunity to peruse several dress boutiques, shoe stores, accessory shops, etc to find her special ensemble. Our special glam squad was on site to help her get dressed and made up for her picture perfect look. Cinderella also had a carriage, so we provide her with a Limo to whisk her and her date away for their magical night.

Your financial contributions and support are very important to help make this a successful program.

Past Contributers of the Cinderella Project:

   -Barbara Bates Designs
   -Kendra Cares Inc
   -Vanity Soles Shoes
   -Omara Photography
   -Quality Limo

For information about how to make a contribution to the Cinderella Project, Click Here.

Cinderella Project Pictures


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